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Entropia Universe To Soon Release New Battle Simulator Prototype: What We Know So Far

Sci-fi MMORPG Entropia Universe is developing a new feature known as the Battle Simulator, the first prototype of which is being planned to be released on Feb. 28 alongside a version update.

Not all details have been revealed by the Entropia Universe development team, but here is what we know so far about the Battle Simulator.

Entropia Universe Battle Simulator Official Details

In a series of blog posts on the official bulletin of Entropia Universe, the development team revealed that the Battle Simulator will be accessible from the user interface of each player’s avatar once the version update launches on Feb. 28.

It was explained in the blog posts that the activities that players carry out in Entropia Universe require certain amounts of planning and preparation, which takes time. In addition, new players may find it hard to compete with veterans of the game, who have been able to accumulate more advanced skills and equipment compared to rookies.

“It’s stripped-down, old-fashioned arcade action where finishing and getting the fastest time is all that counts,” a blog post states, adding that the Battle Simulator was created as a feature wherein all players will be able to compete against one another on equal footing, whether you are just starting out or a decorated player.

Entropia Universe Battle Simulator Rules

The Battle Simulator is described as a time trial assault course, where players are tasked with destroying all their opponents in each level as fast as they can. Players will be able to win prizes for each completed course, with extra prizes to be given to players who dominate the weekly leaderboard of the Battle Simulator.

In the Battle Simulator, players will be placed in identical conditions, with standard skill levels and weapons that are shared among all participants. The outcome of matches and the prizes that can be won will highly depend on the strategies and reflexes of players, instead of their progress in Entropia Universe.

However, while skill levels will be standardized in the Battle Simulator, players will still be able to gain skills for their Avatars for the time that they spend in the mode. Earned skill increases, however, will only be applied to Avatars after leaving the Battle Simulator, to be able to maintain the standardized skill levels of the mode.

The Future Of The Battle Simulator

Once the Battle Simulator prototype is released, it may attract a new demographic of players who are interested in winning prizes in tournament settings. With the mode designed to be instantly accessible for both new and old players of Entropia Universe, the Battle Simulator offers a new experience to current players and a swift introduction to the sci-fi MMORPG for new players.

Some players may even be attracted to the Battle Simulator and only play the new mode. The development team does not see a problem if such a trend occurs, as this will still be contributing to the Entropia Universe economy with the mode running parallel to the game’s Real Cash Economy and Avatar progression model.

More details regarding the Battle Simulator will be available as the release of the next version update draws nearer.

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