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Dubai Summer Is Already In! Here’s How You Can Find A Perfect AC!

As the summers have already arrived and are now heading towards the peak, everybody somehow is going through the same thought process; how to get rid of the upcoming harsh temperatures? The ones who have already installed the cooling appliances are still at some peace as compared to those who are yet to begin the preparation.

There’s nothing to be scared of even if you haven’t done any preparation. In this age of technology there is hardly any problem which does not have a solution. And the best of the solutions for this problem, i.e., hot summers is bringing home an air conditioner. I know it isn’t as simple as that since there are hundreds of companies dealing with air conditioners in the market and all of them are seemingly efficient and amazing. The question is how to choose the best AC in Dubai for your home amidst this saturation?

Well, do not worry, in this blog I am going to share some of the things you should see before buying an air conditioner to beat the hot summers.

The general thing that one should begin with is having a clear idea of the requirement, the budget and the type of space one wants to buy the air conditioner for. And depending upon these factors you can choose the type of AC that suits your requirement.

There are three types of ACs available in the market. First, the window AC, second one is the split AC and the last one is the portable AC. As we are familiar with the types already let’s now learn about the choosing tips.

Cooling capacity: We all buy the air conditioners to get rid of the high temperatures. So, the first and the foremost thing we should check is the cooling capacity of the AC. Now the thing is how do we check the capacity? Here’s the trick, check the British Thermal Unit (BTU) of the air conditioner. BTU is the measuring unit for the cooling capacity.

The capacity is directly proportional to the BTU. Higher the number, higher the cooling capacity of the AC. Check with your requirements before buying one. It should neither be less nor more than your requirement.

Energy efficiency factor: As the power tariffs have touched the sky. it is very important to choose the appliances that are energy efficient particularly those with high power consumption and longer usage periods including our air conditioners. There is a trick in here also, that’s the BEE standardized rating.

You must be familiar with the term five star, four star etc. That’s basically the rating given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Higher the rating higher it saves your money on electricity bills. So always try to go for the products with five star ratings. If you can’t afford the five star one at least get one with the three stars, nothing less.

Dust Filter: You should also check the reviews about how good the air conditioner is when it comes to eliminating the minute dust particles present in the air. It adds to the overall efficiency of the air conditioner.

Humidity control: Many air conditioners come with the dehumidifiers which help in removing excess humidity from the air and obstruct the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Inbuilt heater: If you live in a place with harsh winters then you must consider an air conditioner having an inbuilt heater to keep you warm during winters. This will save you from buying an additional heater and hence makes it a two-in-one comfort for you.

Auto cleaner: This feature helps it clean and remove bacteria and fungi from inside the unit. Make sure to keep this on your checklist too.

Inverter AC : This type of AC is more efficient and offers consistent cooling. The reason being simple; In a non-inverter AC, the compressor regularly switches on and off to regulate the temperature. It also consumes more energy because of the power spike that takes place every time the compressor motor starts while as in an inverter AC, the compressor always remains on. Once the required temperature is reached, the compressor keeps running at a lower speed to maintain cooling. Therefore, an inverter AC is comparatively efficient, quiet and durable. So, always check if the AC you are going to buy is an inverter AC or not?

These were some of the points you should check before buying your next AC. These purchases are not done every year so we must spend some time researching so that we get the best one for our home or office. Check out our website to get the best ACs in Dubai. At Daikin, we have been providing the best cooling solutions worldwide for years.


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