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Digital Nomads: When the Whole World is your Working Place

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The digital dimension can help you to gain your independence – and work wherever you want in the world. Digital nomads already take advantage of these virtual possibilities, they offer their services worldwide, while they themselves are able to change their location at any time. Some companies enable their employees to travel around the planet, but totally location-independent jobs are very rare. Mostly you have to appear in the office at least once a week or once a month, that makes is impossible for e.g. an Iranian travel through Asia or the USA. So most oft the digital nomads have their own business, they live without a regular salary.

The first steps into a new, independent life

To make sure you won’t get stuck in some city at the end of the world with empty pockets, you have to build up your business before you set your sails. Chose an activity that you are really good at, preferably something with which you have already been able to earn money before. It has to be a job you can do via internet, for example web designing or journalism. Then it is absolutely necessary to have your own notebook with internet connection. It is up to you to register at one the many coworking spaces around the world. You can book in for a few days, an entire month or as long as you want. It is also possible to work in your apartment or hotel room – or in a chosen café at the beach or in the shopping mall.

Prepare for international money transfers

For your money transactions you need an international bank account, for example with wise.com, a multi-currency account which you can operate completely via the internet. With wise.com it is possible to exchange your money into umpteen different currencies. And you can get your own bank card to go to the ATM on site. It is also recommendable to create a digital wallet with Bitcoins because the crypto-currency is multifunctional and well-known in every country of the world. You can use it to do your shopping online, sometimes even offline. In addition, there are more and more bitcoin casinos in the internet that allow you to give the blockchain as an insert. The comparison portal vegasslotsonline.com presents you a great variety of these venues, all of them reputable providers with high security standards. This website also offers you a written guide with lots of information about online casinos and bitcoin transactions.

Your presence in the internet to attract clients

Prepare your own website and social media accounts so that potential customers can find you in the internet and contact you. Xing and LinkedIn profiles are still quite important for national and international networking. Perhaps you also create a blog to report about your travels and experience. This may also attract new clients, especially if they are looking for travel writing services or a talented photographer for their holiday section. Get used to communicate via internet, have your conferences there and send your invoices digitally. In your future as a digital nomad, you will not know your business partners and clients personally. Nevertheless. these digital relationships can become amazingly close after some time, almost like friendships. But what about the private social life of a digital nomad, is there one at all?

Photo by Viarami (Author), Pixabay Licence (Licence)

Friends all over the world – or totally alone?

Do digital nomads make friends all over the world or are they lone wolves who can’t have a relationship at all? That depends on the respective character and on how long you stay in certain places. Open-minded, extroverted people tend to make many friends after a short period of time, even if they are in a completely foreign country. Introverted persons will have a much harder time, they should better stay longer at their places of work to give themselves enough time to adapt. This way they can also get to know people and perhaps make friends with them. Very few people are not interested in socializing at all, and as digital nomads they are free to live as a stranger among strangers – perhaps with a few connections to the old homeland and, yes, the unavoidable digital business relations.


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