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Cleaning, Laundry, And Maintenance: 8 Companies Offering Home Services in the UAE


The convenience of hiring a cleaning company is really great. It is no longer the case that someone will clean the office, shop, or apartment for us.

Long-established brands already have well-automated cleaning services. Most of them offer online ordering in a few simple steps.

Thanks to this, you can book a convenient date for yourself in a quick, simple, and, most importantly, convenient way. What’s more, the payment also takes place online, so you do not need to have cash calculated.

Below, we present 8 companies that offer home service in UAE:

#1 Hitches Glitches

Their highly qualified workforce has expanded to over 4,000 workers, and they have now established new offices in the Northern Emirates, supplementing their current offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

They have provided facilities management on behalf of blue-chip organizations such as DU, Dubai Airport, Etihad Airways, and Emaar’s Mall in Dubai. One of their most notable successes was their strong offer in 2010 to include MEP FM facilities to the world’s tallest structure, The Burj Khalifa, which the company still holds today.

#2 We Will Fix It

In 2008, Colin Thomas and Dan Garner set up “We Will Fix It” to offer a secure, competent, and affordable property management service to clients around Dubai.

Colin and Dan strove to build a repair service that thrives on excellent customer service. Their technicians go to extraordinary measures to ensure that hard-to-reach parts are appropriately fixed, meaning you have an all-around good experience.

#3 Wash Men

Washmen® is an online laundry and dry cleaning provider in the Middle East that was launched in late 2015. The company offers their services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.Since 2019, Washmen® has built a new 30,000 square feet facility through which it plans to offer the finest activity the laundry business has seen.

#4 Just Mop

In under 60 seconds, you can book a professional residential cleaning company in UAE. Life would be simpler if someone could tell you what to do, so, the company has made it simple for you.

To get your house washed, go to their website, and fill out a request form to get their firm professionally clean your house. You need only 60 seconds to do so.

There are a few easy measures you have to follow to pick the date and time, which is ideal for your home cleaning. Upon receipt of your order, their best cleaner will arrive at your home at your desired time and carry out the job as specified and hassle-free.

#5 CleaningCompany.AE

They have a seamless 60-second booking method for residential and industrial cleaning, no matter how busy it is. They offer a wide variety of services, which you can make a booking for and opt for  cash on delivery system.

Their competent house cleaning staff will take care of most the houseworks so that you won’t have to think about house cleaning anymore. From housekeeping to washing, ironing, sanitizing, and disinfecting, and all your hygiene requirements are taken care of. They deliver versatile and inexpensive options to give you all your free time.

#6 Mr. Usta

Mr. Usta has developed a program, which allows tasks around the house to be undertaken, saving both time and money.

Clean, repair, move or renovate only a few clicks away.

Mr. Usta was established in 2015 as a leading hub where both employers and workers can search and find trustworthy and accessible qualified practitioners. They use smart devices to align your requirements with the needs of home service practitioners (aka Ustas) who have already been audited by the company and tested by their customers.

#7 Mplus AE

Established in 2008, Mplus Property Maintenance offers a wide range of home maintenance services throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other Emirates at government, corporate, school, hospitality, and retail sites.

Their highly qualified team of specialists offer all facilities that customers can trust and  delivered with utmost standard, no matter whether it is a quick waterproofing of your home’s ceiling or cleaning a whole building.

#8 Repair Plus AE

The unfortunate thing that could ever happen to someone in Dubai on a hot summer day will be if their A/C systems stop. At Repair+, they make it their mission to deal with all calls about blown a/c with a fast and competent response.

When a home service request comes in, they typically concentrate on the air conditioning device’s cooling power, at the same time giving due attention to total performance.

Their highly trained HVAC technicians arrive in a professionally fitted and state of the art van, helping them complete much of the maintenance and service in one visit.

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