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CPI Confident About Victory Of Progressive Secular Alliance In Manipur

By L Sotinkumar

IMPHAL: ‘To defeat BJP and its manipulative politics please cast your vote for the ‘Manipur Progressive Secular Alliance’ said D. Raja MP Rajya Sabha and CPI General Secretary at a press meet held at Sangai Hall, Hotel Imphal on  Tuesday.. He said, “Manipur is a border state and it is the most sensitive state among the north eastern states of India. Our main aim is to defeat BJP for protecting the future. BJP is the political wing of the RSS. It is very sectorial party besides being communal, BJP and RSS combined is bringing disaster to our democratic polity. And BJP is favoring the corporates.

‘Today Prime Minister Modi is coming to Manipur for election campaign. But Prime Minister, Home Minister and their cabinet colleagues do not mention anything about the upliftment of the poor masses. Modi is the only Prime minister of this country who uses abusive language in the election campaign”, he said.

Raja further said, “our party CPI is always standing firmly for the Manipuri people. I rightly mention here about the great communist leader of Manipur Jananeta Irawat who had stood firmly for the rights of the common people. Our party has been fighting for the territorial integrity of Manipur, for repeal of Armed Forces Special Power Act and by the and large for the interest of Manipuri masses.

Manipur like other states of India has large number of farmer communities. Our farmers had fought for repealing three farm laws for the last three years and those laws were finally repealed. When Modi became Prime Minister, he promised to create two crore jobs every year. He also promised to increase farmers income twofold. But he did not keep his promise. Corporates have become more richer and farmers poorer.

Modi government is attacking freedom of expression. If someone has put any question to their government he is termed as urban Naxalite. BJP and RSS combined polarized the masses and also attacking our social life. Therefore, to save constitution, to save democracy our main objective is to defeat BJP in this coming election. What Modi and BJP think, is they can manipulate people’s ideology by using money power. But Manipur people and other states have more experience on their plans. Now people are very much against BJP and want to defeat this saffron party.

Accusing the BJP of operating at the behest of RSS and harming the image of Indian democracy Raja urged the people to end the BJP rule in the country. Raja contended that BJP is the political branch of RSS and is advocating sectarian politics. While observing that India will only progress when BJP is defeated, he asserted that the Manipur Progressive Secular Alliance has been formed to defeat the BJP in Manipur.

Denouncing failure of the BJP-led government to fulfil the assurances given during its term, the CPI leader said that the central government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi too did not fulfil promises made to the people. BJP does not have the strength to discuss the issues raised by the people.

Moreover, those who spoke against the wrongdoings of BJP are termed anti-national, Raja stated. He maintained that progress could not be brought by those who try to win people’s mandate using money and muscle power. In this 12th Assembly election the Manipur people will surely give a historic verdict. Please cast your vote for Manipur Progressive Secular alliance. Let us together make a safe and bright future for Manipur by defeating BJP.

The press conference was also attended by leaders of CPI and other left parties.


Raja, who also attended a political conference held at the residence of CPI candidate in Kakching assembly constituency Yengkhom Roma Devi later in the same day, said that even though BJP harps on development, their schemes and development model instead of benefitting the needy benefit the corporates. The taxes paid by the masses are being used to fund corporate kitties.

While conveying that the CPI does not buy votes, he said that the party through talks, meetings and all other kinds of political campaigns convinces the electors with its ideology, ethics and commitment of its workers to meaningful mass development programmes. The party values the importance of women and youth in development of India.

As such out of the two seats the party is contesting in the ensuing election, it has fielded young and talented Y Roma in Kakching AC, he asserted. Stating that RSS, which is the ideologue BJP and CPI were founded in the same year, D Raja remarked that while CPI fought for independence and unity, RSS had no role in the freedom movement.

Manipur has its unique history, in which the CPI had played an important role in.

The party is prepared to do the same in future also, he said and urged party workers to endeavour for the success of Y Roma from Kakching AC to bring a change in the state.

The convention was also attended by CPI national executive member M Nara Singh, Manipur state council secretary L Sotinkumar Singh, secretariat members Sorojini Devi and G Tomba Sharma along with the candidate as the presidium members. (IPA Service)

** The writer is Secretary, CPI Manipur State Council.

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